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Everybody has a story to tell. The way you tell your story and present it makes all the difference.
At MAEVLY we provide a program which accelerate your content making skills, supported by unique online tools, so brands can find the best match for their campaign.

Our program consists of a 4 step model:
Academy, Quality Curation, Business and Process.
MAEVLY Academy
The MAEVLY academy is integrated into the MAEVLY platform and consist of many online tutorials such as: How to make a portfolio, How to shoot perfect images for your project, How to create content, Tips of a sports content maker, What a marketeer wants to see in your content etc.

Our community of content makers are able to upload their own lessons learned so everybody can benefit and use this knowledge
for their own projects.
Quality Curation
Because content with quality is king
The MAEVLY Quality Curation program will curate all your social profiles which you use for your campaigns before Brands are able to match their campaigns with our database of content makers.

This way only the best matches are made and you will receive a report about your quality score. Because there's always room for improvement we will help you to become a better content maker.

When you grow professionally, your business will grow with you
The MAEVLY academy and our Quality Curation program will professionalize your content making career. When you get our MAEVLY approved badge, brands are more willing to work with you.

With this badge you also will become a MAEVLY premium member. Premium members will be included in our campaign matching algorithm which will connect you with relevant brands.
To make the best out of your business you need the best tools available.
The MAEVLY platform is where it all starts. Within the platform you will be able to use the academy, get you content curated and hopefully where you will receive your MAEVLY approved badge.

When you are matched to a brand the business begins and the MAEVLY platform will automate most of your tasks.

Think of a client management system (CRM), invoicing, contract module and content feedback tools like chat and a commenting functionality per content item.

Using the MAEVLY platform enables you to fully focus on what you are good in: making beautiful and qualitative content for your customer.

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